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The mission of the parent advocate is to help parents, students and the community resolve school-related problems for students enrolled at East Point Academy. The objectives are to provide information and counsel which may involve rights and available options, applicable state laws and regulations and procedural guidelines to follow when filing a complaint. If you would like to request the assistance of the parent advocate, contact Amy Roper,, with a brief (2-3 sentence) summary of  your issue. 

The parent advocate’s role, authority and jurisdiction:

  • Will try to resolve complaints fairly, and if possible, informally.
  • Will not place blame or attempt to determine who is guilty or innocent.
  • Will try to negotiate a win-win outcome for all parties involved.
  • Will serve as a resource to parents in non-legal regular or special education matters.
  • Will handle each case with confidentiality, neutrality, informality and independence.
  • Will not disclose personal information, discussion and interactions held between the parent advocate, parent or school district officials.