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The Board of Directors is the governing board for East Point Academy and will govern in accordance with the Charter School Act of 1996. The board’s focus is supporting high student achievement and ensuring sound fiscal management. The Board will have ultimate authority for the following activities:

  • Contracting for services, including but not limited to transportation, financial accounting, and legal services
  • Develop pay scales, performance criteria, and discharge policies for its employees
  • Deciding all matters related to the operation of the charter school, including budgeting, curriculum, and operating procedures
  • Ensuring that the school will adhere to the same health, safety, civil rights, and disability rights requirements as are applied to all public schools operating in the South Carolina Public Charter School District
  • Submit required reports annually to the South Carolina Public Charter School District and the State Department of Education
  • Submit a charter renewal request at the end of the ten year approval period
  • Enforce the adherence of the charter school to the same financial audits, audit procedures, and audit requirements as are applied to the public schools operating in the South Carolina Public Charter School District
  • Conform to state and federal laws and regulations, school policies, and professional ethics, including the Freedom of Information Act
  • Design its policies regarding the student records, administrative records, and meetings as are required of the public schools operating in the South Carolina Public Charter School District

Board Members

Alan Buck

Board Treasurer
Client Relations Executive, Ingenico Mobile Solutions

Jimmy Chao

Board Member
President, Chao and Associates

Lisa Cole

Board Officer-at-Large
Freelance Writer

Wendy Early

Board Member
Office Manager, Research Planning Incorporated

Joan Hoffman

Board Chair
Chief Strategy Officer, Children's Trust of South Carolina

Dr. Kevin Lu

Board Member
Associate Professor, University of South Carolina

Alice O’Connor

Board Member
Director of Vendor Management, Siebels

Dr. Mieke Perez

Board Co-Vice Chair
Physician, Palmetto Health Hospital System

Lora Prill

Board Secretary
Partner, ADCO